To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am officially an aunt!

Little Lindsee is officially Lindsee Porter! The adoption papers are signed! We couldn't be any more excited! There are many monumental moments in little Lindsee's life right now. On Tuesday, April 28th, she will be ONE! Unbelievable! Our families celebrated her birthday last Sunday. (Pictures coming soon....I am currently at my in-laws and I don't have my USB cable with me) That evening, Larissa calls me crying, telling me that Lindsee's took MULTIPLE independent steps! She has been pulling herself up for some time and walking herself along furniture, but has soon as she realizes she is on her own, she slowly lowers her body to the ground, the safe zone.

On Thursday evening, Lindsee got to enjoy the circus with Mommy, Grammy, and Aunt Shaya for the first time. I, personally, watched her more than the circus. I can't help it!

As I have been thanking God for our Lindsee, I have also been praising God for beautiful Bella McBride. Proud parents are Ross and Crystal (Taylor) McBride. God brought Bella into this world on April 16 weighing 6 lbs 6 oz. As many of you know, early in the pregnancy, it was revealed that Bella has spinal bifida. There were many unknowns, but the McBrides were chosen by God to be a witness. A witness, indeed, they have been. When Laura, Tab, and I visited them at Riley last Saturday, the entire family was praising God for every triumph.

Baby Bella has since endured surgery, various tests, casts placed from her precious thighs to little toes. On Friday, the McBride family: Ross, Crystal, big sister, Amaya, and Bella made the trip home together.

Continue to keep the McBrides and Baby Bella in your daily prayers. Their journey may be long, but their faith is even stronger.

I hope I am not alone in this, but sometimes I feel I keep my prayers too general. I find myself saying, "God knows the situation, He doesn't need every detail."
But here lately, I realize, that statement couldn't be further from the truth. God wants every detail of our lives shared with Him. The worries, fears, hopes, desires, praises, triumphs, etc. I now am more specific when I pray. If you find yourself in this "Prayer Routine," I, I challenge you to be specific, to share every detail with our listening Father.

Okay, well I guess Smith Family Fun Night is coming to a close at Marc and Marilyn's..first sign...Jared has asked the infamous question, "Are you ready?"

Tonight, we grilled out, took a walk in the park, played games,watched TV, and caught up on reading blogs. In my opinion, this has been an enjoyable, productive evening with the in-laws and my favorite sister-in-law, Kristen.

I hope to post again before the two week mark! Until then, savor each step!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break is Officially Over!

Being back to school for two days, spring break is officially over. However, the past two days have gone extremely well. I think a break was exactly what I needed to become revived again. If I am not mistaken, we only have around eight weeks left till summer vacation. One by one, the items on my to-do list for spring break were placed on my summer to-do list.

Spring break was truly enjoyable. I started the break working Walk 38A at Camp Illiana. God's glory was evident and working is just much a blessing, if not more than when attending the weekend. On Tuesday, I had the joy of watching Camden in the morning. What joy he is! Then I went to Ross and Crystal McBride's to help with them get their house ready before they moved in this past weekend. Diligently working, they accomplished so much in such a short time. The McBrides have quite a bit on their plate currently. Next Thursday, they are welcoming their second baby girl into the world. Please keep praying for the McBrides We can't wait to meet her! When I returned home, Jared and I went to Vincennes to visit my Grandma Jones White at the hospital recovering from a hip replacement. One of her famous sayings is, "I'm good for the shape I'm in." She is definitely a fighter and is currently completing physical therapy at the Washington hospital each day. To finish off the night, we ate at Applebees.

On Thursday, Tabitha, Laura, and I went to Evansville for a differentiated reading instruction seminar. We also found time to eat, shop, shop, shop, and stop by Cold Stone before returning home! My idea of a great day is just this-eat, shop, and eat again! :)

Each morning during break, I was meeting Kallie at 6am at the Washington Park to walk. This week, I am desperately missing her and our walks. Her and I can not talk for a few weeks, but when we get together we quickly pick up right where we left off. As life gets more hectic, I appreciate this more and more in my girlfriends!

Friday morning when we are finished walking, I decided to grab breakfast for my Grandma Steen. Of course, McDonald's would suit her, she was craving Stop and Sea's biscuit and that is what she got. Eating breakfast with my ninety-seven year old grandmom at 7:30 in the morning was extremely memorable. There are numerous opportunities like this every day, but many times I pass them up. God gives and God takes away. He has given some precious gifts-family & friends. I need to savor every possible moment and not always dwell on my to-do list.

Friday evening, Jared and I made plans to go to Evansville to eat with our good friends, Sherry and Danny Veeck. Meeting Sherry that semester at USI has been one of God's best blessings. Jared and I went down early to do a little shopping before dinner. Our dinner was at Max and Erma's, which I would recommend any day. It was a great time and we hope to start meeting once a month.

As I am writing this, I am getting more and more frustrated that I didn't take one picture during break.

Saturday was errand day, while Jared was at a farm sale all day. One highlight of my day was eating lunch with Jenn Wirtz.

Amy and Nate Alderson had a delicious dinnner, as always, prepared for us. We also got to share our evening with Cory Swartzentruber (Leslie had to work :( ) and Annie & Jordan Miller. Everyone had a great time! So much so that we all ended up falling asleep there. It was evident that only Cory and I knew how to really party---we made through both movies! Okay, honestly, I took a short nap during the first movie.

Getting with friends and family, exercising daily, and taking naps with your hubby...what else could you ask for?