To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


School has ended, so it is officially summer at the Smith residence. I can't believe that I haven't blogged since the night before returning to work! So, this post is like hitting the rewind button on the DVR. I want to see and experience it all again.

March 2010 (3 months)
*Talking/Squealing for minutes on end
*Letting out a scream at the end of your cries
*Loves head/face covered with a blanket
*First walk and run with Mommy of the year
*First time getting into your jumparoo
*March 13-First time to Wal-Mart with ONLY Mommy.(We did it)
*Mid month-you began to make a bird like sound in your throat/mouth. We laughed every time.
*Neck rash
*Eating approximately 7 oz. at one feeding.
*First St. Patrick's day
*Watched March Madness with Daddy
*First Spring Break!
*First official date with Cale Baker. :)
*Met several new friends for the first time-Banks Moore, Aniston Gish, & Maleah Lengacher

April 2010 (4 months)
*First Easter
*Started to reach for toys
*Butler lost to Duke by two 61-59
*Started to grab toes
*April 9-you ate your toes
*At April 9 Dr. appt., you weighed 13.3(50%) & was 25.5(90%) inches long
*Celebrated Braxton's & Bella's first birthday
*April 11- Aunt Larissa's baby shower
*April 11- First meal of baby food (squash & pears)
*April 12-ROLLED OVER!
*You grew to LOVE bananas! You were/are a good eater.
*April 20- 4 month shots :(
*Aunt Kristen was home from Indy and spent the night.
*Cousin Lindsee's 2nd birthday
*By the last week of April, you were wearing size 2 diapers.
*April 27-your Daddy got welder's eye. OUCH!
*You loved the Dr. Seuss book Hop On Pop

May 2010 (5 months)

*You were definitely Mommy's girl. For example, Daddy would be holding you and you would whine and reach for me. Well once you were in my arms, you would look back at Daddy and actually smirk. I loved it...Daddy probably not so much.
*You love the outdoors.
*Army crawling
*May 1-slept in your crib in your own room
*May 4-Slept with bottom in the air which both your Aunt Kristen and Mommy both did. You continue to do so. Actually, as I am writing this, you are napping and you are in the exact position. Too cute.
*Aj & Liz came to visit again.
*After a year and a half and many, many papers later, Mommy graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with her Masters of Education. Yip Yee!
*First mother/daughter banquet. It was in Bedford at Aunt Larissa's church. Cousin Lindsee was in the fashion show.
*Washington Park with Swartzentruber family on Mother's Day, then taco bar at our house with Mommy's side of family.
*For Mother's day, you and Daddy got me a tree to plant. I wanted to plant one your first year of life. It is a mini weeping cherry. It is the landscaping by the back door. I see every time I look out or leave the house. I love it!
*First projectile vomit/First time Mommy took off work because of being a mommy.
*Once you warm up to your surroundings, you are quite the social butterfly. Many people mention how photogenic you are, too.
*From pregnancy to now, there have been many Netflix nights with your Daddy and me. I can't wait though until we have family movie night where we are watching a movie you selected and are excited to see while eating popcorn in our pajamas.
*May 15-You met your Great Aunt Annalee and Great Uncle Keith from Virginia. You can count on Virginia being one of our family vacas in the future.
*May 23-First,but not our last trip to Quick Care. Double ear infection. To make things worse, Mommy got the flu. Daddy had to really take care of his girls that night. I hate being sick, but I have to be honest, it helped getting closer to pre-pregnancy weight :). You will understand this some day.
*You love your colorful links.
*Touching different textures-especially the shag carpet, recliner, Grandma's quilt, people's hair, is something you started this month, but have definitely continued. It is priceless watching you; it's like you are studying everything so closely.
*Able to put pacifer in your own mouth.
*wearing 3-6 clothes (still some 3 month shirts)
*The conclusion of the school year- you were a hit with my students on the last day. Even the boys were saying how adorable you were. Mind you, this is after they (practically the whole 6th grade) clobbered your mother with ready whip. My hair has never been that stiff.
*While being in Mommy's arms, Daddy would chase up around the house. You absolutely loved this. To hear you laugh is worth more than all my Vera Bradley put together. Again, someday you will understand this. (I already can't wait to get you your first Vera Bradley lunch box for school) However, let's get you eating table food first and we can discuss Vera Bradley later.

Well, as you can see, we have been busy, you especially. From your weekly picture update to capturing every precious, new thing you do, you are keeping Mommy busy. Someday when you read this, I hope you realize how so very loved you are. Because, Adalyn, that is exactly what you are...LOVED!

Layton Stanlee Porter is HERE!

Layton Stanlee Porter arrived June 7, 2010 at 9:35 p.m. weighing 8 lbs and 1 ounce and 22 inches long.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clothes laid out, bags packed, but still not ready!

Well, my clothes are laid out, my bags and lunched are packed, but I still want more time with my baby! That is right, I am returning to work tomorrow. All prayers are welcomed. I have felt the love of family and friends with phone calls and notes in the mail encouraging me. God has blessed me with a wonderful job where I can take three months off and still have job security, a husband that cooks(I blame him for me not losing all my pregnancy weight yet) :) and doesn't hesitate helping with Adalyn, parents that would do anything for Jared & me, and a daughter that is such a good baby. So, as I am driving to work in the morning, I just have to continually say that to myself. "I am blessed...I am blessed...I am blessed."

To Adalyn- These have been the best three months of my life. I love you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

To celebrate Vday, we started our day at church. We then went to Washington to meet up with my fam for a quick bit. Mom, Adalyn, and I went to Vincennes to do a little shopping. I brought home Mi Pueblo for Jared and I. Earlier in the week, I told him that all I wanted was Mexican at home by candlelight, then watch our Netlix movie. Well, I got my Mexican, Netflix movie, and even the candle, but no light. We were out of matches. Go figure. Anyway, the night was quite nice-really nothing different than normal. A good meal (most of the time due to Jared-thank you, honey), a good movie, and even better company. I predict that we will have many family movie nights. Popping popcorn and coming up with themes (If you know me, you know I love themes) will be so much fun to share with Adalyn.

Well, no matter how elaborate or how simplistic your Vday was, I hope when you remember Vday 2010, it was one that will bring a smile to your face.

Grammy's 62nd Birthday

On February 16th, Grammy turned 62! It would also have been Mom and Dad's 37th year anniversary! Well, the snow slowed Adalyn and I getting out to celebrate the actual day with Grammy, but we all got together this past Saturday at Larissa's house.
Here Lindsee is displaying her ability to share. She couldn't figure out why Adalyn didn't want her cup. I know Lindsee will be a HUGE help when her baby brother arrives.

The "Celebrate Plate" is a plate that I use for special occasions. It comes with a sheet to record all the various events. To have it only for a few years, it is already extremely special to me-my Grandma Steen used this plate at her 90th birthday party and then this past September for her 98th birthday (she passed five weeks later). I look forward to many more JOYOUS occasions with my family. I hope to pass this plate to Adalyn some day. (I guess I will have to invest in another for baby number two----and don't get any ideas, I am NOT pregnant, just speaking futuristicly.) :) Sidenote: I purchased this through Pampered Chef, but really any plate would serve the purpose.

Adalyn is so advanced-here she is signing her name to Grammy's Bday card!

Happy Birthday, Grammy! We love you!

R&S Newest Model

Jared and Clayton are the owners of R&S Excavating, and they are proud to introduce their newest model.

Cash, Lacey and Clayton's baby boy, also has a shirt. I hope we can get together to get their picture together, but it very likely that Cash has outgrown his already. :)


There are two ways that I know Adalyn is sleeping really well. 1. She has both arms raised above her head. 2. The other is this...

I hope you can sleep just as peacefully (and as hard) tonight as Adalyn.