To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smitty Did It!

Smitty did it...this is a tshirt of Marilyn's (my mother-in-law)from when she was younger. I just had to share it!

As I posted yesterday, today was the day to find out the gender of Baby Smith. Well...........IT'S A GIRL! Jared will have two ladies in his life now to love and spoil. All night he has been reassured by friends and family that girls can farm and hunt, too. :) Baby Girl already has a CAMO sleeper, booties, and a cap thanks to Grandma Marilyn. She mentioned tonight that she will need to add a pink bow to it now. :)

Thanks to Ashley Smith, Jared and I have a 15 minute DVD of the ultrasound. I am so thankful. Again, thank you, Ashley.

Our little girl is already a gymnast. If you notice in the picture, her legs are above her head. Aunt Kristen, the gymnast of the family, should be proud.

It is so nice to finally use another pronoun other than "it"!

Thanks to all those that said a prayer for us today. Please, continue to lift us up!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Smiths' Next Step...Family Addition!

Jared and I will be receiving an early Christmas gift this year...Baby Smith! I am 19 weeks TODAY!

Here are a few details that I wanted to make sure I recorded for myself:

Arrival Date: December 1 (This is a pretty significant date in my life, my dad passed away on this day sixteen years ago)

When we found out: Monday, March 30 (First day of spring break, just returned from Walk 38A where I presented a talk where I mentioned how Jared and I were praying for our unborn children) You must understand that I took a test on the previous Wed. before I left for the Walk... negative.

My reaction: I fell to my knees overjoyed, praising God. Then I ran and got my camera. I actually took of picture of me holding the test. :) Two more tests later, Jared and I were both stunned that this truly was happening.

How we shared our news: Well, that depends. Two days after we discovered our exciting news, it just so happen to April Fool's Day. Around 10:00 that evening, we started calling our family and some of our closet friends telling them that they will need to be purchasing an extra Christmas gift this year. We had some truly excited people on the other line until they realized what day it went from screams of glee to actually Kristen (Jared's sister) hanging up on us after telling us she hated us. Jared and I had a great time with this prank; we never told them the truth. I, personally,and Jared agreed to wait until closer to the end of the first trimester. It was our little secret and we had a ball with it! Jared was constantly dropping hints to our friends. I truly believe he had a harder time keeping it a secret than I did. Jared has been ready for children since we first got married; I was the reason we actually waited. We had a house rule that I had to be so far into my masters program before we started trying. Well, I deliver in Dec. and finish my masters in Jan., so I almost made it! :)

I finally told Mom when she was at my house one evening while we were having general conversation. We were having a girls' night, I was finishing getting ready and she was "touching up" her makeup. You must understand that I am always speaking of our future plans. So, when I first made a comment about Grandma Jones coming to see the baby's room, Mom commented with a general reply. Then she stopped and asked, "Are you telling me something?" I instantly started crying. (Crying is something I do on a daily basis now) I ask her to start praying for our little one and its development.

We told Grandma Steen, Travor, Larissa and Denny at our Easter dinner. Having them look what I bought for Jared, they saw a little outfit that said "Daddy's Alarm Clock" (which from the few times we have kept Lindsee overnight, I don't this will be the case):) As for Jared's parents and sister, Mom and I had a blast purchasing little items for each of them. I wrote a little note from Baby Smith. Remembering our prank, they honestly didn't believe us. Marilyn actually tossed it down and said we were mean. Well, after some convincing, they were estatic.

At the end of May, I was 12-13 weeks, we spent an evening sharing our news with close friends and family members. There were several that I ended up having to call or text, so I knew they heard from me and not someone in the grocery store. Jared and I enjoyed this time so much.

North Daviess 6th grade takes on the faculty at the end of the school year in a game of softball. Having always played in years past, I knew I would be asked. So, I sent an email to the faculty and I personally told my students. They couldn't believe that I had kept it a secret for so long! The girls especially were extremely pumped. I told them they will be my future babysitters. :)

Sickness: I am overly blessed--thrown up ONLY twice--no more Mi Pueblo for Shaya and Baby Smith. Naps are essential it seems, but I keep being told about this burst of energy I be experiencing. I am waiting for it...I need it..there are only a few more weeks of summer and my to-do list is still pretty long.

Cravings: cheeseburger, slushies, (I am sure I will be adding to this list)

Gender: We find out TOMORROW! Jared is open in saying that he prays (literally out loud) for a boy. I really don't mind what the gender is, but I have always seen myself with a boy, but deep down I feel it is a girl. Two dreams say it is a boy though and one dream says it isn't Jared's baby. I have no idea...
After Chinese mythologist, Waylon Bruce, (really he is one of Jared's closest friends) performed the pencil test AND the spoon/fork test TWICE, he is definite that it is a baby boy. All the suspense of waiting will hopefully be alleviated tomorrow.

Names: Pray for me! Jared and I don't seem to agree on many names. I know we only have to agree on one, but this is a big deal,in my opinion. Being a teacher, I don't want a name of any prior student or future student. Realistically, I know this is tough and I may have to be a little bit open minded, but so should Jared. Growing up with the name Jones and now I am a Smith, I want the first name to be something unique. Let me replay a scene from the life of Jared and Shaya while discussing baby names. We were driving home from church, he suggested one, I declined because I know someone that just named their little one this, so Jared replies with this, "Well, I better turn off the radio because someone somewhere may be listening to the exact same song." Needless to say, I snickered and enjoyed the quiet! See...prayers are needed. :)

Perks: Well, depends if you are asking Jared or me. With a due date, I feel we are getting things accomplished at the house, slowly, but I see it coming along. Jared commented that he didn't realize that having a baby meant our house was so unlivable.
Here's what is going on at the Smith house:

new flooring in utility room and bathrooms CHECK
diswasher ALMOST CHECK (should be installed tomorrow)
new carpet in two bedrooms
paint two bedrooms
Jared's office/shed built CHECK (now just for finishing the inside)
Hopefully putting a shower in the other bathroom, it currently has a claw-foot tub.

But as any home projects goes, it requires a great deal of time and patience..a lot more than it looks like on paper. The cleaning, organizing, purchasing, etc. adds up, but it is worth it! Oh, I love it how the normal house work is still there waiting on you, too. It doesn't give you a break. Can you put a cleaning lady on your baby registry?
Kristen did actually come out and wash the windows, guttering, etc. yesterday AND pulled the weeds out of my landscaping for me. That was a huge checkmark off my summer list-wash the house-CHECK! Thank you, Kristen!

To-do list or not, I have enjoyed this summer catching up with friends and spending time with family. Jared and I are definitely savoring this step of our lives. God has truly blessed us and I praise Him every day for the joys and hurts of life. We grow in both.