To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big News for the Jones/Porter Family!

For those that don't know, I am going to be an aunt AGAIN! Larissa, my sister, is around 22 weeks pregnant. If you remember, a year ago this weekend, she delivered sweet Faith at 18 weeks. We didn't know what would be in the future for Larissa and Denny concerning more children. It took them seven years to even get pregnant, but God knows the desires of our hearts. He blessed them with their desire-a child.

Levels are high this time and extra precaution is taking place. All prayers are welcomed.

The latest news is that I am going to have a NEPHEW! It's a boy...It's a boy...It's a boy! We are used to little ladies in our family, so this will be a new adventure. A huge perk for me is that I get Miss Lindsee's clothes! Go Adalyn! Another perk is now I have an excuse to look in both sections of the baby apparel. :)
Mr. Porter is set to arrive the first week of June!

Social Butterfly

This past week has been a very pleasant and memorable. Adalyn met several new friends this week. On Wednesday, we went to Libby Graber's for play group. At this point, play group is more for Mommy than Adalyn, but with only a month left of my maternity leave, I am trying to make the most of it by spending with friends and my baby girl.
After Libby's, we headed to my good friend, Kayla Neidigh's house. It was time for me to part with the maternity clothes Kayla graciously let me borrow. Thank you again, Kayla. I spent practically the entire afternoon there and Adalyn finally met Braxton! What a cutie is he! And boy, on the go, too! Of course, we took pics, but I have to get them from Kay.
On Thursday, my co-worker Justin Wilson and his two boys, Dom and Leo, came by. Again, cuties! Dom was so gentle with Adalyn. It meant a lot for the Wilson boys to come out our way. I can't forget to mention sweet Laura. She came over Thursday, too, to help me finalize my masters paper. Thank you, Laura. I miss talking to the staff at NDE every day, but I already become teary-eyed when I really think about returning. Jared has always been really good and understanding when I stay late at work or have things to do when I get home, but now I have someone else depending on me. What keeps me going is that I know women go to work every day, leaving their children. I will just have to make the most of my time all the time. Okay...let's stop talking about returning to work.
Then on Friday, Adalyn and I headed to my lifelong friend, Natalie (Lawyer) Christenberry's house. She has Collin, who will be two March 1. We met there with several other sweet ladies from Odon church. It feels good to receive encouragement from other moms. When you get a room full of moms, you sure can learn a lot. I love it! I appreciate the invite and I hope we can do it again before I return to school.
Saturday evening, while Daddy went to his Turkey Federation Banquet, we celebrated with the Armes and Baker families. It was Cale's 1st birthday party! Of course, Abby made an adorable wagon cake that mimicked her blog and bday invites. I didn't waste any time; I already recruited her for Adalyn's 1st birthday! Again, Adalyn was surrounded with little ones, mainly boys. She is going to have a hard time choosing when she gets older. :)
Reflecting on this past week, I realize how blessed I and now Adalyn are with such a strong support of friends. I was reading another blog earlier and she said perfectly. "I just think it's SO important to have girlfriends. You may only have one. You may have fifty. But we all need some kind of "sorority"." That was from But, how true! I feel so fortunate for having my friends and family in my life. My prayer is that Adalyn sees the importance in friendship and works on keeping those ties with others pure and true. (Because, let's face it...girls can be vicious)

So to my friends and family...thank you and I love you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mommy's Memories

The memories of the last six weeks have been amazing!
Here are a few that I don't want to ever forget:

* Watching Jared hold Adalyn for the first time. As I saw tears run from his eyes, it was then I realized that this was truly our daughter, the beginning of parenthood.
* Our first car ride as a family of three (Jared was adorable)
* Our first night home: Jared and I thought someone had to be awake with her at all times. It was like we were guards on duty.
* When Cousin Lindsee met her for the first time- "Baby, Baby!"
* Adalyn's many faces
* She has to have a hold of something at all times it seems. I love when she holds my fingers with a death grip as I nurse her.
* How Adalyn holds her own thumbs (I do the same thing when I run)
* 1.19.10 The day Adalyn finally let go long enough for her mouth to find her thumb.
* Her laugh-We have only heard on a few occasions, but I can not wait to hear it for the rest of my life.
* In the morning, when I lay her between Jared and I in bed and we watch her sleep or her eyes explore the room. WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!
* Her cry-I can hear it even when she isn't really crying.
* Our Song-"God is so Good" and the verses I created "God gave me you" and "Adalyn Maren" The syllables fit perfectly.
* On more than one occasion, during the night when I hear her stirring, I automatically start rocking and bouncing. The thing is....I wasn't holding her yet! :)
* Finding the perfect bow and shoes to match her outfits.
* Watching the grandparents and great grandparents love on her.
* She is already aware of when she is at the doctor's office-she screams her head off! Ask Dr. Campbell.
* How she tightens her little lips to the point they turn white and it looks like she is whistling. We think we have it figured out that we need to change her diaper soon after that. :)
* Her soft skin and to this point, no baby acne! I literally prayed out loud for no baby acne.
* How she lost hair FROM THE TOP OF HER HEAD! Sorry Adalyn, your mom and dad were both bald until we were two.
* BATH TIME! Adalyn hangs her feet over the little hamock like she is laying out at the beach enjoying the sun.
* Oh...her strong little head. From day one, she was showing off with her strong neck and head. She doesn't want to miss one thing, that is for sure. (Who does that sound like?)
* When she looks like she is paying attention when I read to her. It makes the teacher in me very proud. :)
* Her smell. Even her spit up smell. I love it..I love it.

Truth be told, I love every minute of every day and every precious inch of Miss Adalyn.
If you know me, I tend to focus on the incompleted part of my to-do list, not what I did accomplish. My mom says that I make my list too long to begin with. :)
Well, here was my prayer the other day: "Lord, I am blessed because I have a house that I GET to clean, a daughter that has a great set of lungs, and a job that adds stress to my life. Thank you. Thank you."

I can't wait to see what other memories lie ahead for the Smith family.